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We offer a complete line of Anesthesia Evacuation Accessories, most are shown on these Webpages, if you do not see the item you are looking for, give us a call. Chances are that if it is for Veterinary Waste gas Evacuation we have it.


Say goodbye to Charcoal filter replacements, with maintenance free scavenging systems from Moduflex.

How many times have you, or your staff forgotten to replace your filters in a timely manner? The results have always been the same, Waste gases in the Operating environment.

With our balanced scavenging systems, other than flipping a switch on in the morning and off at night, there is no need to think of your system at all. Everything is automatic, and there are no consumables to order.

Scavenger interfaces:

Interfaces act as a buffer between your patient circuit and your active exhaust systemscavenger_interface_001.Waste gases are pushed by the patient to the scavenger interface. The scavenger interface then stores the waste gases in a 3L  bag temporarily, preventing excessive valuable Anesthetic gases from being sucked away from the patient, by the fan or pump, before they are inhaled, thus reducing your anesthetic agent costs.

As the bag fills, a mechanical valve is pressured to open and release waste gases momentarily to the fan or pump and closes quickly starting the process all over again.As a result patients do not require increased Agent concentrations thus resulting in Anesthetic agent savings.

Moduflex Interfaces are sold in two different configurations.

A standard style is for systems powered by a fan either central or stand alone.

A valved style is for systems powered by a suction pump where suction needs to be regulated.

Our Interfaces can be installed on any anesthesia machine, or a nearby wall or solid surface. Equipped with two inlets for both Open and Closed circuit systems. All connections are 19mm per standards. Mounting kit includes Bolts,19mm tubing,3L evac bag and pressure activation rod. evac_faceplate

Central scavenging systems:

We sell, install and service complete scavenger systems, from Anesthesia machine to Interfaces through to the atmosphere. For a quote please give us a call. We offer equipment as a turnkey package or as a self install kit.

Waste gas evacuation requires very specific installations as the balance between excess gas removal and minimal removal must be maintained at all times. Properly angled connections and fan motors along with accurate venturi calculations are critical to a safe and safe system.

Our scavenging packages include:

  • Scavenger interfaces for pump and vacuum driven systems
  • Scavenger interfaces for fan driven systems
  • Evacuation outlets 19mm complete with rough in wall or ceiling mountedIMG_4315
  • Wall mounted central fan systems
  • Attic mounted central fan motor
  • Combination suction/ evacuation pumps from IPPL
  • Piping and related rough in hardware
  • 19mm Check valves and ceiling drops
  • Quick disconnect Chemetron Evac outlets & ceiling drops


Active Scavenger by G.A.S:

For single machine clinics where a central system may be cost prohibitive, we offer a machine/wall mounted system with single Active scavengerthrough the wall or ceiling exit point at a very reasonable cost. The G.A.S. evacuation fan can be mounted to the machine or within 8 feet of the anesthesia machine.



Central Waste Gas Fan:

Model J001

Moduflex Anesthesia EMade-in-USA_May-1-737883quipment of San Diego, are pleased to offer this state of the art Central Anesthetic Waste Gas evacuation unitJ001 for use in clinics with up to 20 stations.

Features of our model J001 include

  • Wall mounted unit with "Lighted" switch, for easy on off detection.
  • Fused circuit for added safety.
  • Ultra quiet UL certified motor/fan., low draw very inexpensive to run and maintenance free.
  • Coupled with our (optional)scavenger interfaces added to each piece of equipment , outlets and lines this system is certain to improve your surgical breathing environment, without adding noise. No more filters or canisters to replace.
  • Available in various configurations.
  • Left side in, top side out via ceiling.
  • Left side in, rear out through wall.
  • System can be purchased with a complete self install kit or installed by our experts.

Evac & Suction Pump:IM002016[1]

Model UVD40R60V

Moduflex Anesthesia Equipment are also authorized distributors for APPL suction and vacuum pumps. If your clinic requirements include suction and evacuation, we can offer the installation of a single pump for all your needs. This 60 gallon unit will accommodate most multi OR clinics. Our usual installations use this pump for both evacuation and suction.

The pump is connected via pipeline to various stations located strategically throughout the clinic. Connections are usually through Chemetron quick connect ceiling drops, or wall outlets.

Normal installation for the Pump is in a noise insulated sealed room.  Motor is a Rotary Vane Pneumofore Monobloc Industrial design type. The unit is oil free and represents the simplest and most convenient system whenever a punctual source of Vacuum without contamination is required.

Their special design with limited weight and dimensions, the rotor directly assembled on the motor shaft and a powerful centrifugal fan ensuring their cooling,make the UVD series extremely compact and reliable.

UVD vacuum pumps are suitable for evacuation of small closed systems up to a residual pressure of 120 mbar.

Power requiremets are 3ph/60cy/208v



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