MODUflex "Surgical scissor table"

First introduced at the NAVC in Orlando in January 2008, the new "AjustTable" was compared to competitive scissor tables, by visitors, and their comments were,

Superior design, very well built, very flexible, Usual Dispomed high quality!


  • Built of Anodized Aluminum shaft, not tubing, for added strength and stiffness.
  • Generously sized Stainless Steel table top, 22" x 60". (Custom sizes available)
  • Height adjustable from 11" through 42"
  • Slide cleaners prevent the accumulation of hair in the lifting rails. Sliders are kept smooth and have a long life due to the use of ball bearings and not just plastic sliders. Our scissor bearings run within an aluminum shaft, several inches above the floor, and do not roll directly on the floor.
  • The silent motor stops automatically when minimum and maximum heights are reached.
  • Foot control can be fixed to the base or left loose at your preferred position.
  • Lift capacity 300 lbs
  • Rail tie down system lets you safely position animals, or attach IV pole.
  • All moving parts are on roller bearings
  • 2 Year warranty

Optional equipment:

  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • IV pole clamp
  • IV pole

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