MODUflex "Optimax"

Rebreathing and non rebreathing animal applications

 Veterinary anesthesia machine for rebreathing and small animal applications.

The Moduflex Optimax anesthesia machine is a work station that combines ingenuity, sophistication and practical common sense.

  • Features:

    • Smaller than it looks, footprint is only 25.5" x 19.5"
    • 1500 cc heavy Duty absorber recessed, available as "Coaxial"* or in conventional form. Nylon construction for long life and heat retention, will never rust. 
    • Canister is molded and will never separate
    • Single, easy to use, large thumbscrew canister release
    • .1 to 4lpm precision Oxygen flowmeter
    • Rotary float and large scale for improved readability (flowmeter)
    • Recessed flush valve to prevent accidental activation
    • Quick connect fresh gas outlet for easy and secure switching between breathing circuits
    • Selectatec compatibility manifold for easy and quick installation of up to 2 Vaporizers
    • Vaporizer interlock compatibility, use both Iso and Sevo vaporizers and use interlock capability to their fullest with maximum patient safety.
    • Large threaded Inspiration and Expiration domes for easy access and visibility
    • Convenient and large instrument shelf
    • Practical and large upper monitor shelf slotted for easy tie down of monitors etc
    • New momentary closed feature incorporated into our pop-off valve
    • Circuit and line pressure gauges.
    • Rotating bag mount for ease of visibility and easy access
    • 19mm Built in Evacuation connector in rear
    • Drawer module 2 deep drawers ball bearing mounted.
    • Frame finished with Textured powder coat for long life,(Custom colors available)
    • High stability, 16 gauge steel construction
    • Foot print 20" x 26"
    • Large, Heavy Duty  4" cushioned castors, for easy glide and long life
    • Pre tapped holes for easy installation of Bain circuit adaptor, and scavenger interface.
    • Oxygen supply hose 9 ft
    • 15 Minute assembly by a novice

Included with the Optimax 

  • Y Patient Circuit with standard CO2 absorber or coaxial patient circuit with coaxial CO2 absorber.
  • 2 liter Rebreathing Bag.
  • 3 liter Rebreathing Bag.
  • Fresh gas tube.
  • krytox grease.
  • Evacuation tube (150cm/5').


  • 5 years




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