Low pressure pipeline alarm    Made-in-USA_May-1-737883           

 apalert_final                                                     Apnea Alarm

As well as apnea warning, the Apalert can signal the occurrence of slow or shallow breathing giving early notice of impending problems. It can also draw the anesthetistís attention to other problems such as hypothermia, exhausted gas supply and blockages or leaks in the gas anesthesia equipment.

Product Code : 255-AP-ALERT

Made-in-USA_May-1-737883 Low/High pressure pipeline alarm


Patient Circuit Pressure Alarm 
alarm_1 The high patient pressure alarm, manufactured by our Veterinary Equipment Specialists division, is designed to Alert via an audible high pitch Alarm in cases where patient circuit pressure reaches a dangerous level. 
The Alarm is preset to 17 cm/ H2O pressure. It adjustable in that if your requirements are for a lower or higher setting, a simple turn of the adjustemnt screw resets the alarm to your preferred setting. Install within the patient circuit with the standard 22mm adaptor or with any other connection you prefer. The unit power is supplied via a 9V Alkaline battery.Made-in-USA_May-1-737883



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